I want something from Juicy Couture.

A phrase I never thought I would say! But, after viewing the Holiday 2010 collection by Erin Fetherston (!!!), I might be realizing that JC is more than sweatsuits with words on the bum.

Velvet Pouchette mini bag

Velvet Blazer

Drape Silk Skirt

Knuckle Ring

As long as I'm not adding Ed Hardy to my Christmas list, I'll be okay.


Root to root and tip to tip

I've been on a complete Laura Marling kick for the last couple of months and this short film shows some of the many reasons why I love her and relate to her music so well. She's amazing!


I'm Miss World

I love Hole, I really do. And I like Courtney Love as well. A few months ago I realised that early Courtney had subconciously become a style icon of mine. I was wearing a lace baby doll dress and combat-like boots and I asked my parents, "Is this outfit too Courtney Love?"

My dad replied, "Can you ever be too Courtney Love?"

New posts coming up (and I mean it this time.)